Power Trippin' EP

by RKZ

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released September 9, 2012



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RKZ is a singer-songwriter, rapper and spoken word artist from Luton, England.

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Track Name: Are You Down (Explicit)
Yeah, ADP on the beat!

(Verse One)

Let me say what I mean, what the word is?
Why you wanna be so perfect?
I gotta go dumb for a minute,
'cause I really wanna make you go nuts let me tell you, I'ma.
Break down when the beat does (beat does),
something on my mind like a free verse,
(reverb), put it on my voice let it be heard.
I don't even make sense when the beats nuts!
Take it back one time for the cynics,
let 'em revel in their thoughts 'til I come with a deep verse.
Make it sound like I'm f*cking their mind, one time,
rewind, in line for the rebirth..
Renegade, never left just slept for a bit while other MCs try be me.
But I make rhymes, sing top lines, little guy never needed a co-sign.


A-A-Are You Down?
To believe what you need, isn't true?
Tell the world, what you feel, what they think about you.
I'm saying that we're here to remain,
and I swear whatever they will say will never change.
And now you know..

(Verse Two)

Bring that, bring that, bring that, bring that.
Bring that motherf*cker, let me duppy it.
Tryna get my Jay-Z catting on, like all these hypocrites.
They say they original but they don't know what different is.
So I'll get my dude to send me this,
'cause I will f*cks with it, but back to the real me.
I did a thing where I ran with my eyes closed,
I know on a side note,
It was dumb and naïve to believe I'd achieve in a industry of...
(f*ck 'em!)
Go and watch me, I ain't on SB,
I'm at RKZUK, come get me!
I'ma realist to know that I roll stone cold in my own lane,
and we already know who I am!


(Third Verse)

They needing me,
what you saying, though?
I did this here, and it's so cold.
When I rhyme I align my time,
with a tongue-tied-flow-double-time, 'cause I'm,
just feeling terribly comfortable in this lane of (lane of),
That flow so shameless (shameless),
that dude stayed nameless (nameless),
buzzing contagious (hate us).
Hate me? Outrageous!
Let it be dude, look at my crew..
there's no one here: me x2!
Did you see through, all the bullsh*t?
Did you catch my name? Don't lose it!

(Chorus until end)
Track Name: Forever
(Verse One)
nah, we don't play by rules,
that's not what X would do.
Nah, we don't stand for foolishness,
'cause we ain't even schooled,
or fooled by older people,
'cause they're as naïve as children.
See, we're at the heights of freedom.
We're seen as leaders, free them.
Take it back to the days we were young,
so lost and stupidly fun.
But now we're living in a life that ain't so nice no more,
We used to be about the helping of our fellow man,
but now our fellow man's the man that's tryna kill us, damn.
Our enemies are friends, are friends are devil toys.
People they raping girls, f*ck it, they raping boys.
We're always focused on the positives of life,
now we're stuck inside our minds, struggling through our plight.


They try take us down, they hate us,
but you, you know we're, here Forever.
They try take us down, they hate us,
but you, you know we're, here Forever.

(Verse Two)

We follow idols, afraid to be ourselves,
afraid to speak our minds, so instead we lie.
And act like laws are fine, and act like jobs are there,
and act like people ain't, falling in their welfare.
Now fair ain't used here,
this aint a fair world,
some shit is fair trade,
the rest's a trade fair.
So who got the best of this and,
how we're gonna take it from them,
How do we dispose of this?
And, what shall we throw upon them?
Now seven sins encase this world until we suffocate,
and we're the cause of 2012, let's get that record straight.
Now I'm not preaching but how,
can we break out in smiles if,
this world is caving in on it,
self, and we're still breaking down.

(Chorus until end)
Track Name: Gonna Be That (Explicit)
(Verse One)

I'm on that sh*t, what you talking 'bout?
F*ck these little amateurs,
they're hyping but they're talkin' nowt.
So much so, they're stuck on mute,
never mind them, they ain't us, let's move.
Quick trigger with a figure so ridiculous,
I'm sickening, so tell a brother,
they ain't got no sh*t on us.


Bring it back to the millions and millions,
that say that we ain't affiliates.
Make the gutter sound, gutter than the Grime folk,
nobody coming close to what I wrote.
I'm going in and then I'm,
I'm coming back and then I'm,
Gonna Be That motherf*cker, that, that motherf*cker

(Verse Two)

I think I'm Big Meech, what the f*ck you thinkin'?
They call me Ricky too, Power Trippin'!
But f*ck what others told you,
'bout this dude from Luton Town.
I know I'm killing sh*t, so you can shut your
f*cking mouth!
I bring the swag, just like Mick Jag,
I know I'm f*cking cocky,
but haters jumping on my backs,
because they're f*cking monkeys.
Taking something from me, just take my sh*t and go,
just so you f*cking know,
I'm here to steal this f*cking show!

(Chorus x 2)

(Verse Three)

Now I'm back for the third time,
quick with my first rhyme,
sick for the thirst, I'm big,
I'm the first kind.
You don't know me bruv, keep your eyes off.
Your lack of sensibility really divides us.
I'm all for sharing knowledge,
but not for sharing status.
Just so you know, I have no plans for being the greatest.
I just am. Easy.
So shut your mouth when you're hypin',
acting like you don't feel me.
Track Name: Lights
(Verse One)

They say that you ain't reaching goals,
'cause you ain't thinking straight.
I tell 'em that I'm getting my degree, I'ma be on TV,
I don't really care, mate.
I'm here and I'm sitting on my thrown,
I'ma let it be known that I'm here to stay.
And I hope that you're by my side,
rather than try getting in my way.
I won't push you, I don't dictate,
you can make your own mistakes.
I'ma be what I can in the life that I live,
know that I'm living by the 4 Ps..
Try get that, clear your mind,
love life, redefined.
And I'm tryna be the best that I can,
so my name's in the stars, and I'm back with a bang!


You came here, you broke me down.
But I never fell, no. I'm here, no stopping now.
You came here,you tried to break me down.
You failed there..
Bright lights, I'm right, my fight, no hype,
man, you ain't breaking me now.

(Verse Two)

I think it's time for the scene to distinguish,
real talent, real music, fakeness.
Not doing it for money or the nametag,
an articulate beast, proper English.
If you witness, the rain pouring,
out in London, World War-ing.
In Luton, just pollution,
Just the trouble that made us useless.
Forget grey skies, forget rain,
forget bad times, forget fame.
Let's try fight using our heads,
Intelligence, instead!
I'ma live my life to the fullest and I,
swear to God I'ma stop all the bullshit.
No trouble, no fighting the airwaves..
I'ma be flying high, like the airplanes.



Passion, Peace, Positivity and Patience are my ethos,
my mental state of mind, inside, I am inside my weak spot.
I'll take the negatives, chuck 'em out and keep it clear.
So know I'm here and nothing's stoppin', I won't disappear

(Chorus 'til end)