Science X Soul

by RKZ

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released August 21, 2014



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RKZ is a singer-songwriter, rapper and spoken word artist from Luton, England.

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Track Name: SXS
(Verse One)

This ain't as far as it goes, talk science without conversation.
Talk so-so, so they don't know who I am, let me breeze through this trepidation.
Considering this ain't what you used to be, I believe I can be what you knew to,
see these skies through a smokeless vision in a mission to be higher minded,
finding, timing ain't been so persuasive, I try to rhyme but I've been so misplaced.
I've been through the worst and I'm back with a timepiece,
frozen through scars, shattered glass got past me, hardly.
I'm tryna define, in my mind so conscious,
time is so fine, often offline, taking of mine,
selling my soul, beating my heart, fearing to start,
but I can't stay back behind them.
I am in line to be clearer than premonitions,
divisions are heavy but you and I we're together and it's.. easy.
You and me that's peaceful. Put down your guard we are equal.
In time and in line with your whole, being I believe you and I can evolve and just… flow.


Tell me would you, take your whole world,
throw it all away, put your self in to the sky,
tell me, how you feeling now?
tell me, how you feeling now?

Tell me would you, take your whole world,
throw it all away, put your self in to the sky,
tell me, how you feeling now?
tell me, how you feeling now?

Tell me would you, take your whole world,
throw it all away, put your self in to the sky, yeah.
Tell me would you, take your whole world,
throw it all away, put your self in to the sky,
tell me, how you feeling now?
tell me, how you feeling now?

Tell me, how you feeling now?
Track Name: Still Oceans
(Verse One)

It's not me, though.
You say it's you, you don't mean to be so blasé
but babe, I don't believe you.
Aren't I good people? Am I not your equal?
Do it all for you, I don't do it for the people.
Maybe I should've cause they don't seem to hate me.
You can't seem to stand my voice, all my people rate me.
When did I even hurt you? Was it something I said?
That I didn't realise I said, I said something that weren't meant?
To offend you but it did, well if I did then, I'm sorry,
I apologised, and you just try and take my face from me.
I'm just trying figure you out. Recently you've been distant.
How can I communicate with calls that weren't recent?
Decent, I try to be but you push buttons, dude,
I'm just trying be the best for you, you don't see it through.
I can't help your voice, if you don't hear me speak,
I can't make you stronger, if you keep making me weak.
But I still...

(Hook: Jhené Aiko)

But I believe in HER

(Verse Two)

Let me through your smoke screen, I'm done with the heat.
Still waters run deep but you're an ocean that don't sleep so,
what am I do to when your rain crashes my windows?
Bring you to the top of the world, just to see you pitfall?
Pin-balling, rain-storming, I can't be free from you,
Living aside of this, I still believe in you.
Maybe you should try to do that yourself.
This pain and confusion ain't getting no rest.
Back in the day I would stay, keeping you warm and maintained.
Trust and the smiles every day, now you don't call me, so hey.
I guess I'll miss you, I'll drop you a quick text,
hoping that you read it, maybe you're just stressed or,
maybe you're really busy, I don't even know.
But I'm here if you need me and I ain't letting you go.
So you can be mad at the little things, I frustrate you,
I'm convinced you hate me, so I guess I kinda rate you for
sticking it out, screaming and shouting but we're fighting it, too.
I'm just tryna resolve shit, I'm not tryna fight you,
So baby please believe my realest words.
I'm just tryna ease your war with yourself, I know it's hard to accept
But I still...

Track Name: Favourite Song

We talk about a world on our shoulders,
Burdens and boulders, borders and divisions
and we're hopefully driven.
Focused on the bigger picture, but the canvas keeps tearing.
Tryna concentrate but, everybody's staring at this tired kid,
that's got the hopes of a generation.
Speaking to the youth that are so broken in persuasion.
Then I see a girl, who had a smile like the sun,
but pain in her eyes cause of the smokescreen,
done what she set out and now she's got the scars to prove it.
Tryna long for purpose but just ends up feeling useless.
So here I stand talking to so many lost youts but,
Let me stop for a second cause, I wanna talk to you.

(Verse One)

Talk to me about your world and how it hurt you.
Tell me 'bout your nightmares and how they taunt you.
How they don't cease, until you're left broken.
Hoping that the scolding won't leave scars in the open.
Frozen, you're a shell of what you used to be,
Truthfully, the music can't help yourself to see,
or face the world cause honestly, sleeping feels peaceful.
The only time in life where you are treated as an equal.
Eternity don't even feel like pain nowadays,
you just stare outside your window, and you're hoping for some rain.
The sun hurts your eyes, the cold is more comforting,
broken down and broke so now you're sitting and you're wondering,
all of the demons that play tricks inside your mind,
"Maybe if I weren't here, the sun may start to shine."
Eternity means forever, I'm writing on the streets,
books are coverless and still waters run deep but,

(Hook x4)

You're my Favourite Song, you're my Favourite Song
(Yeah you are, yeah you are)

(Verse Two)

Don't mind people that make lying their bread and butter,
focus on your world and inside of it, you don't stutter.
You shine brighter than fire in total darkness,
holier than Holy Grails and Veils that shadow past it,
Bastards. They envy you and rightfully, too.
No-one in this world could ever be a better you.
And no-one in this world could ever see a bigger truth,
only your smile could leave an old man feeling likes he's 22.
No catch, no focus, no agenda, no purpose,
no lies, no smokescreen, just smoking your trees/
Release your tensions, and let your love be,
focus on your soul and just remember your dreams.
Believe in higher consciousness, focus on the stars.
Believe in your spirit and believe in my bars.
Trust your instincts, trust your heart,
and if the world gets on top of you, remember one thing,
You're my..


(Verse Three)

That's what I'll teach you, baby I believe you,
maybe they believe that you're a star to be, they need you.
Without you, critics won't have a job,
warriors with no fight, amateurs with no bite,
rendezvous with no hype, Born To Do It, hold tight.
Let me take it, "you're right",
of course I am, you're designed to be a Queen.
Love yourself first, and let it ride out.
Listen to my words, let it be and find out,
who YOU are.

But, who am I?
Track Name: Purple
(Verse One)

These Purple dreams of mine, don't let you fly.
So I sit down, look at the sky.
Maybe then, I'll see you fly through my purple world,
can I come, too?

(Pre Chorus)

'Cause you always said that,
you inspire to be more like me, but I like you,
and I wouldn't change a thing, no.
If the clouds went away I would die next to you,
we can see our world turn this weird shade of blue.


I'd never let you go, you're my Purple-dreaming girl,
I see you all the time in my little, dreaming world.
I try to say hello, but you go right out of sight.
My Purple-dreaming girl, I'm losing my mind.
(Losing my mind, doing fine, one time...)

(Verse Two)

These Purple dreams of mine, they won't ever let you down,
every time I see you fly, I wanna be right there. Baby I,
Time is precious, I don't even mean to question it,
but every time these Purple clouds provide me with this special hit,
I seem to see you every single place I go,
it's like we're destined to be one, as long as I'm out of control.

(Pre Chorus)

(Chorus 'til End)
Track Name: Think Of Me feat. Shawn Sanderson
(Chorus - RKZ)

Tell me where your mind goes,
tell me what you see,
tell me what you think of, when you think of me.
Tell me why you're smiling,
can you feel the rush?
Baby you entice me every time we touch.

(Verse One - Shawn Sanderson)

Oh boy, I can see your light when you touch my skin,
And oh boy - I just come alive when I let you in.
So deep inside, your love is like,
a song you got me singing every night.
I'll take this ride with you..
Is that alright with you?

Baby, you take me somewhere,
I never, never thought I'd go,
And when I've got you here, it feels like home..

(Chorus - RKZ)

(Verse Two)

When you're holding me,
It's as gentle as the light of the moon upon the ocean.
And when you're loving me,
I swear I've never known sweeter devotion, darling..
Hold on, time is wasting,
so drawn to your bright light.
No more hesitating, so drawn,
to your bright light.

Track Name: A Song To Drink Tea To

You think you're cool, I feel you. I feel you more.
Nowhere to hide without me, I feel you more.
You think you're cool, I feel you. I feel you more.
Nowhere to hide without me, I feel you more.

(Verse One)

This is Dilla,
this is for the one you call a healer.
One that you can talk to, one you call a speaker.
Listen to your soul if you can get it from your dealer.
Coming to you live from a place that's nearer than before,
breaking the door, fall to the floor,
like your word is much more than an instinct.
Trust you to believe that you're alone with your critics,
word on the street is, you don't even feel it.
You ain't ever felt pain, even though they deal it.
Listen to your records by your bed, so idyllic.
Speaks to your soul the way no one can hear it.
Sip a bit of tea now you're listening to me.
Let me talk to your words like they heard what I wrote,
heard what I spoke now they're ready to evoke,
poetry hopefully, soulfully I'll need it.
Need you like you need them, feel it like a realist.
Feel like a drug through my veins my appearance,
doubled by your presence and your readiness to hear me.
Singing my songs whilst you're strumming along to it,
sing back to me, you can string me along with it,


I'm hoping that this ocean of a view,
has me sitting next to you.
I'm hoping that this ocean of a view,
has all your dreams sitting true.


(Verse Two)

Let it be, bring it nearer, coming to your clearer,
speaking to the masses like it's something to deliver.
Heard what I said, I'ma teach it to the spirit,
and even being the reason that I'm here, go figure.
Let it be, bring it nearer, coming to your clearer,
speaking to the masses like it's something to deliver.
Heard what I said, I'ma teach it to the spirit,
and even being the reason that I'm here, go figure.
Track Name: Just Want To See You (Shakka Cover)
(Verse One)

I can laugh at other unfunny jokes, for minutes and hours and days.
When I feel emotion, I can hold back the tears, squeeze my chest and say "not right now",
You can call me fake when you see the list of things I choose not to say,
I swear my moods and jokes and language change when they're around,
and I don't know how.

(Pre Chorus)

With you it's kinda different.
You see I can talk and talk, and talk and talk, and talk for days
And I can cry cause my soul is in good hands with you
Don't need to force myself to concentrate
I wish that I could see you, I wish you'd be my personal escape
I can be myself with you, if you'd be my personal escape


You know you could make my day so live, I just want to see you
Travel anywhere I don't care about price, I just want to see you
I just want to see you, ah, oh yeah! I just want to see you
I just want to see you, ah, oh yeah! I just want to see you

(Verse Two)

Hun, it's cool, I don't mind, it'd be weird if we didn't fight
Must be a hidden contract clause
Cause those words weren't ever used by you before
(No they weren't used by you before)

(Pre Chorus)

Right now, it's kinda different (right now it's kinda different)
See we used to talk and talk, and talk and talk, and talk for days
And now I'm scared because you're weird when I'm real with you
Forcing me to re-think and concentrate


(Verse Three)

Would you cry for me? I mean, I wouldn't want you to
But I loved the fact that you would tell me anything
That what was on your mind and now I'm looking at you
Like I'm colourblind and honestly?
I'm better at figuring out rubik's cubes than figuring you
Because now you're a closed book without an author
And it's like, check you man! Being all stoosh and shit

(Pre Chorus)

Right now, it's kinda different
See we used to talk and talk, and talk and talk, and talk for days
And now I'm scared because you're weird when I'm real with you
Forcing me to re-think and concentrate
I wish that I could see you, I wish you'd be my personal escape
Woman, cut the shit, I want the real you
If you would be my personal escape.

(Chorus 'til End)
Track Name: Namaste
(Intro - Shawn Sanderson)

A state of focus.

A meditative state, incorporating the complete togetherness and harmony of body and mind. A guidance to enlightenment, and to transcend rational thought. My soul honours your soul; I honour the place in you where the universe resides; I honour the light, love, truth, beauty and peace within you. Because I know it shines within me, too.

(Verse One)

How you doing? What you thinking? Let me through,
'cause I got a lotta thinking, that I'm thinking you could use,
see I been throwing these words around the room,
so I choose to believe that I could probably make these words new for you.
See, I'm a vision captivated. Religion demonstrated.
I don't know what God is, all I know is me.
See I'm a vision elevated, to the highs that we medicated.
Now we're higher minded, word to Shawn, meditative.
Zen around my way, Peace and Focus every day,
I'm praying to myself, self-help in every way.
For I and I am here, and only I can see the stars
Cause if my eyes are wide shut, I couldn't see you
Or the bars that I recite, within my time frame
It's hardly that I like pain
But I can see the strength of metaphors
Reverb like sound waves

(Verse Two)

So I alleviate the pressure, from your temple,
let it soothe you.
Never mind my soul, see my words
let them choose you
Flow through your Veins - Outland, let me cool you.
Words of Adrenaline, they get it now, do you?
Do you wanna be me, do you wanna be more?
Or do you wanna be you, do you really wanna soar?
Into the skies like your bigger than the stars,
'cause why stop at the sky, when you could chill with me on Mars.
See I'm writing a book to show that words are much more than,
inking on a page, let it be and then they'll know that,
words are the root of action and chaining that reaction,
actually factual focus can lead to that fact of traction.
Tracking the words you spoke, seeing people evoke,
seeing the change you needed to see,
you made that be, so.


I think that we're close to be the ones that we,
believe we should be.
Wanting more, we dream for things we see
instead of, understand we're right here.
Wanting them to do the same.
We're alive, shine bright here,
we don't wanna fade away, fade away.

(Outro - Shawn Sanderson)

Whatever's good for your soul, do that.
Don't be scared that you haven't found your purpose.
Your existence, your place here in the Universe,
that's purpose enough.
Track Name: Elevation feat. Chakkra Tara
(Chorus - RKZ)

Where I'll be, I'll wait here for,
Elevate in spite of war.
Where I'll be (be), where I'll be (be).
Where I'll be, you won't ignore,
I'll be free, you won't explore,
you can't see, 'cause you ain't me.
You ain't me.

(Verse One - Chakkra Tara)

At the top of the mountain we reaching for an ideal, that'll appeal the ears whom are concealed.
With a specific selection heard not to keep your mind still. But the minds still fragmented,
into fermented mentions we question Heaven 'til there is another 9/11.
Eleven men I call bretherin shot by a firing squad, we squading to tell the message.
The law will not allow us so I keep my 20/20 illuminated 'til the hate is dilated got that one brow up.
Express your love, express the emotion back when I was down in Guyana the toast would toast to the coldest,
frozen bodies bodied by a shottie, a 187 on every block the Devil has got me.
Nowadays everybody wanna talk like they got something to say, but nothing will be heard if you whisper across from me.
Talking 'bout you better, talking how you get up but it'll be your death when success will suddenly slip up.
You watching me while I'm up on the throne, couldn't become what your father had grown, am I wrong?
For opening up the books that were given just to be strong, my life is lived long.

Long live the brother of poems... now let it be gone.


(Verse Two - Chakkra Tara)

As I approach the establishment statements so self evident.
The intent meant ornament worldly prevalence under the sediment.
Made to level the spectrum, the city cut in sections, this where murders never mentioned.
Took the soul of my father, now I elude through the tension,
laying upon this ridged planet banished from the heart of a touch I clutch to the crux hoping memories.
Fade through love that was once with the one above,
elements ellipse a man, emulating fascination from works of Egyptian hands.
Where I'll be is in the plan, I just have to make it stand.
Elevate through war, elevate through the sentiment that we hang through the hang time.
Flickering the switch that determines who gets to live as disciples titled, The New Vines.
My shambla's trauma caused in the sauna of Dalai Lamas, Allah couldn't find the proper nostalgia to crop the slakah.
The Lord Chief Rocka, number one Chief Rocka, salute to all my troops that won't get to re-coop.
The revolution's instituting the truth through our recruits.

(Chorus 'til End)
Track Name: The KO feat. Kaly, Lost Souljah, Abiade, ShaoDow, KK & Raxstar
(Intro - RKZ)

Yeah, Gifted! What's happening, man?

They call me Ricky RKZ!
And I call this my peaceful verse, y'know?
But I bring it with a lot of energy, you get me?
'cause I mean, peace ain't gotta be quiet man.
Words gotta be heard you get me?
We run with peace, and these guys are so negative,
so I just wanted to spend a few minutes,
few minutes with a bit of positivity.

(Verse One - RKZ)

They talk about killing people, I'm just being peaceful.
They talk through their ego, I'm keeping it regal.
Don't need them fight words to show what I'm running with.
They look down at them, I'm just being equal.
We don't need egos, my team stay humble.
Something about them Renegades, man we never stumble.
Consider us trouble with a little bit of knowledge for your dome,
eternity means forever and a day, let it be known,
we're superstars dude, a superstar knows,
that as long as we shine, we shine into you. (Go!)
Let them fire up ya mind, bringing gems to the table,
eff a gold mine!
It's time we taught you, that life can be cruel,
do as you please, believe in your goal!
Control your dream and the universe will feel it it.
Told you motherfuckers, I'm bringing that new spirit,
hear it!

(Verse Two - Kaly)

I said I had a dream, for that they call me King,
taking shots at me? Nah, I'm taking shots with the team,
I penetrated your scheme, I meditated on cream,
now the only way to stop me is to get up in the ring,
you won't do it.
Kaly too fluid, I hinder movement,
only the few truest could follow me through the ruins.
The truth is that I'm a nuisance, but like my man Ricky said,
fuck 'em, we change the blueprint,
fuck it, we on that new shit!
You fight for you, and me I fight for the few,
and I do it without the shoot 'em up, bang bang,
or the room. Just hand me the mic and tune,
hit the lights and I cruise,
you couldn't tighten my shoes,
you need a licence to move.
See I'm the reason a whole generation of dreamers,
could leave it all behind and seize what they believe in,
we see y'all been deceiving so now it's Rebel Season,
we don't need y'all no more, it's time we breathe free.
'Cause we nice.

(Verse Three - Lost Souljah)

Lost Souljah, ha!

You don't wanna deny your soul,
you don't wanna dismiss your dome,
go in and out to the metronome,
no matter how many times we fall,
we get back up, we grow,
we get a little wiser then we go,
moving obstacles, never fold,
never be bitter when you're walking on road,
you're the only one that really knows,
where you're gonna end up, where you're gonna go,
I try to keep it positive, I try to keep it strong,
'cause negativity is never gonna accompany me.
Life is about perceptions, it's all about what you wanna see.

(Verse Four - Abiade)


I came into this soaking Earth with broken wings,
unspoken things become the real, whenever the token sings.
Whenever I hope for things, my mind cannot excite my soul,
I roll up, out the darkness, watch the stars but I can't find a glow,
but something 'bout the life I live is kinda dope,
I'm turning silence into vibes to give a migrant hope.
I turned my violence into killing peeps with lethal flows,
my face the same, I wear a rabbit mask and people know it's Abs.
Working-class poet, rappin' street urchin,
for certain I'm working to wipe off all the dirt in,
the mind of an unshrined wordsmith,
dining in Highlands with wise men and vermin,
praying to the Heavens any seed I breed isn't twerking,
I ain't got time for all that gas, now you're burping.
I came into this soaking Earth with broken wings,
but I walk with Gods so I don't feel a thing, it's Abs.

(Verse Five - ShaoDow)

They're telling me my enemies are near,
that envy and jealousy's necessary in my sphere.
Should be regretting my settings or just regressing into fear,
with all the negative pressures it is a blessing that I'm here.
If you're guessing I'm letting them get in to set up their residence,
your intelligence has lessened, rethink and check the evidence. Independence is my weapon and remedy for malevolence,
two negatives don't make a positive,
I'm astonished that all this knowledge, getting lost within the forest,
but it's because we're busy watching what he's got and how he got it.
They trying to block it, trying to mock it, trying to stop it.
The energy I'm given is limitless really I'm feeling that I'm like a socket.
So this my peaceful flow and I'm in it 'til you Egypts let my people go,
and if you need to know I roll with Jesus so,
I'm all about my dream and freedom bro.

(Verse Six - KK)

Like RKZ said, peace don't have to be quiet,
you see I'm all about the peace and I'm still causing a riot,
so leave the anger and violence, it's love and alliance,
we gotta be the role models and inspire the minors.
I'm all about respecting our women, respecting themselves,
see I'm blessed with a life so I'm living it well.
So be the change that you wanna see in the world,
I don't wanna be another brother left on the shelf.
Even a blind man can see that our society is messed up,
don't listen to them when they try and judge you.
Girl, you're just poppin' down the shops,
why the heck you getting dressed up?
Just be yourself and I will always love you.
I'm 'bout them positive vibes I ain't fussed if I'm getting a deal,
listen in depth, you should feel what I'm spitting is real.
Full tank never half empty, no matter what I'ma follow my dreams,
so team, come and march with me.

(Verse Seven - Raxstar)

Uh huh!

You can call me a dreamer or see a leader like Caeser,
standard procedure that I'm becoming a teacher,
I used to be an under achiever, now I'm a firm believer,
and if you love her then love her,
and if you don't then just leave her.
That's why me and music got a beautiful relationship,
we can laugh a lot and we take the piss.
I would never trade it in, Devil wants to make me sin,
but my powers in the world that I create within.
I don't listen when they tell me what I can't do,
giving me advice when I didn't even ask you.
I keep it casual with everyone when I pass through,
'cause one day the same people will surpass you.
And if they laugh, don't have to answer them back,
actions speak louder - I'm an example of that.
With tracks like this you ain't gonna get a chorus,
just a raising of the bar of the standard they set for us.
Track Name: Old School
(Verse One)

This is re-motivation, re-emphasis and it's re-dedication
Re-energised, no smokescreen
Nothing can stop what I'm planning don't watch me (don't watch me)
Don't watch me. Brother, don't knock me
Don't put me down, brother, never drop me
Cause I'm better than that, matter of fact, remedy that
Let me attack, tell me that I'm greater than fact, mediate that
I'm a killer in the field of meditating words that are meant to survive you
Let me derive you. You can confide, let me disguise you
Let me deliver B, I'll be besides you
Never mind side eyes run it back, nice guys?
I'ma be right here, I'll run it back
Hold on now, don't let go, I'ma be here right here
No fear let's bring it back, back, back to the old school


Back, back, to the old school
(You are, you are, you are, all that I would need)
Back, back, to the old school
(You are, you are, you are, all that I would need)

Cause this shit ain't for me, I am so much more
Trust me, we can be whatever we can be tonight
I will break the door down, you can change the world
If you wanted me, I would give my all to you

(Verse Two)

This ain't the life that I chose, but I'm damn sure that I'm gonna make it
Spend so much time on my energy, that I control every choice, and I take it
Never break me, you can never break me, you can never break my spirits
Never tame me, you could never lead my life in real time
Look through your screen and see my lights shine, I got heart
Back to the start
I come from night skies, lived in the dark
Lived through the stars and I'm blessed to be part of this life but I need to work harder
Grafter, master the world of my craft, master my art like art is my soul
If you ain't got that, let your world go
Said if you ain't got that, let your world go, let your world go

Let your world go, let your world go
(Let's go back)
Let your world, let your world go
(Let's go back)

Track Name: tired.

Back in the day when I was young,
I'm not a kid anymore but some days,
I sit and wish I was a kid again.

(Verse One)

If I could have a couple quid for every single time I tripped
I'd be a really rich dude and every obstacle I'd skip
but who am I without my demons? Me without my darkness?
Tryna justify with you and I inside I stay closed cause
I'm stubborn like that. I can't be assed to fight back,
I keep myself to myself now, I'd guess it's like that.
So fucking wholesome but my soul has gone missing.
Try to find it but my body ain't permitting.
Sometimes I wonder where we come from,
Why do we do the things we do yet never learn from?
Suppose we changed our mental, thinking of our potential
focused on something decent, changed the world we fucked
I get my words wrong sometimes
and I can't think right sometimes
I try to be strong sometimes
but I'm alone, in my mind I'm fine.
I'm just tired I guess. Staying wired with stress.
Staying alive at best, I ain't dead, yet.
So whilst I'm here, I mean, I guess I'll keep writing.
Tryna find some time dedicated to surviving.
Sometimes it's hard to. I'm in this castle.
All by myself because loneliness is quite harmful.


(Verse Two)

So much excess to which we're living in this stress
of overloading what we're used to, breaking down looking useful.
Breaking down broken souls because breaking down broke is fruitful.
Sometimes I wonder where we're going. Hope I'm
It's like we pride ourselves in isolating, others from our mental.
Never stand united, everyone's temperamental.
I guess we're meant to, take our own lines but
taking my own time, I'm claiming my own mind.
Trying to. But they're tryna brainwash me.
Telling me I'm nothing. tryna medicate me.
Fuck your pills man, I'm staying real man.
I keep it moving in my mess I keep it cool man
I know where shit is, I just don't know what I'm doing
I know my way around my ends I'm just not cruising
I'm really fine inside my mind I'm just.. losing all my bearings
Staying away from them coz they keep staring.


(Verse Three)

I can't fix myself if you keep pointing out my flaws.
I can hear you, too many crashing shores
inside this whirlwind by the ocean floor
hoping that we'd hope some more
hoping that the laws will somehow gravitate towards me
positive vibes that can pick me up the floor
see I hurt myself in the past and I'm killing myself more.
People say they can't seem to figure me out, neither can I
I'm just here like, fuck, what the fuck am I thinking.
Standing on the edge when I'm too busy drinking
too busy dreaming, too busy thinking.
Too busy believing I can be the best - I'm screaming
Let me live to see tomorrow and I'll promise I'll be better
Promise I will push myself to fight through the weather
Coz clear skies just leave me feeling vulnerable. I'll fix it though
I promise I'll be better, for everyone I'm helping so
they can be okay. And I can say I made it.

Baby steps, baby.
Track Name: Insomnia
(Verse One)

I've been very irritated lately,
and I think that's irritating them.
My mind keeps going like a clock,
looking at my wrist, trying to find my watch.
Where does time go? What's the past mean?
The date advances, but nothing flies past me.
I'm just sitting here, staring into space,
it's cold outside my window,
they don't stop to embrace.
My curtains aren't drawn but they don't look inside,
they speed right past like a drive-by.
So I'm sitting here with my mind,
who don't like me half of the time.
So now I'm running circles through my head,
figuring the meaning of myself.
What's purpose, when it's not purposely felt?
Work through the night,
it beats working in hell.


Tell me what is truth,
tell me what is new,
between me and you, yeah.
'Cause I'm just sitting here,
talking to myself,
I ain't heard from you yet.

(Verse Two)

This is on that 'nah, I don't really need to sleep yet,
but I'm kinda hungry, is it late to eat yet?
Maybe I'll just sit and have a cup of tea.
Tea and me is poetry, don't you see?'
Hopefully, I'll evoke a type of something,
we can smoke without getting you high,
but I'm feeling really dope, it's not a joke,
I hope you hear me, hear me quite clearly.
We dream about eternity, learn from me.
Eternally I learn to be, everything I dreamed of earning,
what I see. Maybe I should try and go to sleep?
'Cause lately all I do is see, things that I shouldn't,
'cause my mind is too awake.
Can I act like I'm different, like everybody else?
The world never sleeps, I guess I'm good for God's sake,
in trouble we confide 'cause,
life is derived from the darkness we see when it's night time.



I try to understand things but,
I really don't know how to be, normal.
If I could think like them,
would I even want to be different?
I guess I'd normal.
Track Name: Ego Remix feat. Raxstar, Kaly & TINYMAN
(Intro - Raxstar)

I been on an ego trip, like "Fuck You",
I been on my CeeLo shit!
Take it all back on my repo shit,
like Sunit, you know we had to remix this!
Ego's getting bigger (x4)

(Verse One - Raxstar)

Charles Xavier of the scene, meditate on the beat battling my ego.
Funny how your enemies start off as best friends,
I've known so many Magnetos.
But the payback is I never lay flat, and they rate that,
found a needle in a haystack, put the X-Men on the same track.
Getting old school Puff Daddy on 'em, muhfucka take that.
Look, it's not important, I'm sick I ain't following the doctor's orders.
You ain't a Globe Trotter cause you dropped the ball,
I said you ain't a globe trotter, you ain't crossed the borders.
Fought with a Sith Lord and lost the Force,
payback's gonna cost a fortune.
I was raised in the darkness you lost your torch in,
and I'm right back there when I'm not performing.
Blasphemous to say that I wasn't born for this,
and who's Dad said call it quits?
The very same guy that you call a pimp,
ain't the guy that you wanna see your daughter with.
How you hate on a country that you got a border with?
They're not your enemy it's all a myth.
Ain't nothing out there in the big bad world,
the things that you're scared of are all within.

(Verse Two - Kaly)

Let's dance, Kaly!

Why the think it's a game?
They seeing my vision, they think it's insane.
Now they picking my brain,
they calling me different as if it's a shame.
Like I'm some kinda lame,
well you better listen, you fellas should pray.
Cause the mission remains,
you stuck with the dishes I'm grabbing a plate!
Get the fuck out my way now,
understand I stayed down while these fakes made their way 'round,
Now they all in the game now,
and I ain't letting shit slide, I'm the bully of the playground.
So what you made of? You fellas made up,
everything that I am was in my brain first.
And I ain't nothing but a brother with a stomach for the struggle,
that remember kinda dirt that he came from.
Put ya chain up, if you got the heart for it,
but you call my name, don't ever hang up.
I'm the king of this shit, Kaly the Great, uh.
Yeah, I'm Nice As Hell, you know the gang, bruh,
so hands up. If you ain't down with the team then back up!
(get smacked up!)
Now, we talking Ego, you and me know,
it makes us equal or lethal, which you think is me bro?
You wanna be a legend, or you wanna keep pretending?
You willing to stand out on the ledge for your happy ending?
You ready for all the shots they'll be sending,
'cause of what you repping?
Ay Rax, you think they're ready to die?
Well act like it then, bitch.

(Verse Three - TINYMAN)

No stuntin' I've seen bare evil,
banged a nice girl in the back seat to the Backseat Freestyle,
(swear down)
good head, mad body and all of that.
See what you hear right now is more than rap,
poetry, a bit of wordplay and random facts.
No Mangas when I Roll Deep,
they're like leave the beat in one piece in fact,
No haki, no honour, mate.
I could take the easy route,
and say all the stuff generic rappers say like,
"rollin' in the new ride, got a bad bitch on the passenger side,
monochrome vibe, half black half white,
9 outta 10 yo, I'm fuckin' tonight!"
Is that good? (Nah, kinda whack bro)
I'm making moves in cruise control,
no shortcuts around 'ere, the Tom Tom's unusual.
Suspects... come into your life so they view your fall,
Man, Ghost those Busters, you know who to call,
Orphan Gang! We in the lab cooking up that meth,
like a raasclart scene from Breaking Bad,
it's just the beginning, they don't get it man.
Might take a holiday, then I be chilling in Rio fam,
like Duran Duran.

(Verse Four - RKZ)

Bring the beat back, bring the beat back.
Bring the beat back, bring the beat back.

Bring the beat back, break egos.
Break bread, be Bad when the beat goes,
he knows when I gotta team full of Heroes,
street flows so they got them eyes for the C-notes,
deep quotes coming from the shallow (shallow),
I got opportunity to grab 'em (raggo)!
Now you see this and you're scared, don't find me,
I might not like you, I might compromise you.
Something about it so difficult,
when I got people describing my obstacles,
tell them that I am a King, vehemently.
I will define you, my legacy is a means to decide your story (dope),
they think that they can destroy me (nope),
I see the prey right before me (bro).
This shit? It may just get gory!
This is bigger than I, but I find it could be sicker so,
I will take their heads, break their ego, they don't need 'em (GO!)
They don't ever call me a bad man, call me Bruce Wayne, they're Jokers.
I am so much more than your focus, I am the onus, and I am the Omen.
You're a burnt out Dragon with no Den,
I couldn't define you cause you don't defy men.
You don't decide and you'll never derive from Dream Warriors,
and we're getting it in, let's go!