by RKZ

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released February 14, 2013



all rights reserved



RKZ is a singer-songwriter, rapper and spoken word artist from Luton, England.

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Track Name: Wander
(Verse One)

I think you'll like the way I picture you tonight,
and I already know what's on your mind.
I want you to give this a try, wonder if I could be yours.
Feel me, telling you,
you are all I need and I wish you were right here,
I breathe you, I need to, keep you now,
'cause I can't let you get away again.


If we spent one night again
(tell me, tell me, tell me, would you)
would you be mine or am I searching for
(tell me, tell me, tell me, would you)
something that I know ain't there
(tell me, tell me, tell me, would you)
but I can't help wandering.
(tell me, would you, would you..)
I just wanna be the one to serve you.

(Verse Two)

Can we, take it back to them early days,
when I met you so amazed,
at a sight, deterring ways,
that I try to take the world away.
So I played my little games,
you played yours, I would say,
what on earth is this we, dare.
I'm here now are you scared?
Let me try play game, wondering if you still maintain that,
hard to get, hard to play, hard to break your poker face,
but I did, now I need that again,
wondering - what's whim to a wise one?
My girl, let me think - would you like one?
Something smooth, come try some.



Every time you leave, you end up right here next to me,
Do you? (Do you? Do you)
This is something other than what we try to avoid,
because you..
You and me, should be more than a you and me,
and maybe I do (I do)
Try to understand this, 'cause it has me fooled.
Track Name: Lust
(Verse One)

I'm feeling you, wondering what I am s'posed to do,
'cause all I ever think about is you,
and I've been lazing around way to much,
that I can't do anything else, oh I.
The only thing (the only thing) that I can,
think about is how I want to,
do everything that I cannot talk about here.
And I will always try to do, anything to please you,
but I'm scatting my way through, tell me 'bout you.


I would love to kiss your lips, baby once again

(Verse Two)

I'm needing you, 'cause every little single thing you do can,
send me on a trip, I need to see you.
I need you to be, to be you,
take me down, let me breathe you.
The day before you went,
was the day that I want back, again.

(Chorus 'til end)