Words of Adrenaline

by RKZ

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released December 15, 2012



all rights reserved



RKZ is a singer-songwriter, rapper and spoken word artist from Luton, England.

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Track Name: Superstars feat. Shawn Sanderson
Intro (RKZ)

Yo, can you hear me out there?
'Cause, me and Sian are gonna give you some food for your soul,
you get me?

Verse One (RKZ)

With closed minds, your mind's so damn refined,
in line to lose your thoughts and living to make time,
and I'm thinking that, hoping we, supposed to be,
socially, vocally encompassing,
broadening mentality but screw it.
These people are still living in the past,
yet walking besides us, how long will this last?
If you don't break your ego, that shit will break you.
And if you're not a hero, what does that make you?

Chorus (Shawn Sanderson)

How we gonna break it down, when we're broken up inside, oh?
Said we better fix this now, or it ain't gonna look too bright, no..
Said we are choosing our battles, but we ain't got nothin' to fight.
So we better break it down, break it down, break it down, down..

Verse Two (RKZ)

So here we are, superstars, living in boudoirs,
'cause people on the outside are fucking ridiculous.
No class, no sense, just bank cards,
warped minds, too much ego, and no time to think.
They don't realise that here we make a living.
I'd rather die making music,
than be unhappy and make a killing.
But that's the difference, I'm not a celebrity,
music is my only love, fuck your vibe mentally.
Fuck your ethnicity, forget your damn opinion.
You can make it, but that don't mean that a brother has to listen.
I'd rather hear the voice of my demons in my head.
In fact, give me some weed, set my mind free from you instead,
and we go..

Chorus (Shawn Sanderson)


(RKZ) Take a minute, if you breathe in - that's freedom.
(Shawn) And we align to the stars 'cause we need 'em.
(RKZ) Do you spend your time being, or dreaming?
(Shawn) Do what you do, or do what you believe in.
Track Name: You & Me

And this is really one of my youngest flows, ever.
Aging with time, never.
Something to look forward to and moments to get, better.
Never been better..

Call me young and immature, call me dumb and insecure,
call me one amongest the rest, call me something I wouldn't expect.
Say I'm always messing up, and I'm never doing good,
I'm not a leader, fuck around and turn a fool into a speaker
Let me preach now!
Suddenly, we're in the incrowd,
until they're involved in someone else new now.
And then they're old news, part of the past crowd,
and old fools will never learn new tricks, they're screwed.
But I'm a healer, good at mending hearts,
and I am striving from the start 'cause I'm trying to play the part that,
you would always need to be, right here besides you.
Your best side but my best side is..you.

As long as you love me right? As long as we care still,
as long as you smile for me, I will be rght there still.
And we're a pair of nothing more than the best so,
who am I without you, and who are you without us.
I guess we're past lust, I guess we're about us.
Guess we're past luck, guess we're about trust.

Yeah, I guess we're about us,
'cause you know I feel, that it's just about.. You & Me.
Track Name: Words Of Adrenaline

I'm on the road again,
Nice guy but I roll up in my hoodie and,
Screw face passers by, so they're afraid of me,
cross the road, they don't see who I really am,
just who I'm trying to be.
I'm really not me.
A nice guy, nice friends, with a bad streak
Silly men act tough, but they ain't me.
I guess that's why they run up to my face,
and when I look into their mind, it's always empty.

I try to, push education to the young ones,
graduated now, look at all I've done, son.
22 going on like I'm 35, tryna survive.
With, minds of the elders, so many sceptics,
so many envious, so many helped me.
See all their bad traits, everything I'd never be.
Everything I've seen and everything I would never need.
I'll shake your hand but, that's cause I'm polite.
Don't think I'm part of this stereotype.
So many b**** about so many men,
Then they see them and it's like they're best friends.
I, won't react to people being b****es,
I just won't acknowledge you, mind how you switching.
I'm never changing my attitude for you,
If you're famous, okay, but that is nothing cool.

I respect talent, real recognise real,
That's why they recognise me, they recognise will.
They realise I'm realer than most of these big ballers
with really big money rolling with millis and vocoders.
That ain't me though, wondering why I'm not signed?
Don't know the answer, maybe it's not my time...yet
Focus myself, I'll stay patient.
Walk up and down the ends. Word to Statemeant.

I'm that kid with an attitude, my flow's so coherent,
hear my voice in prominence, my words clearer.
Master of the mic, cause I've studied this for years,
degree in music, I'm a music man to peers.
Ask anyone that knows me, my work rate is alarming.
People try to parallel and I keep disregarding.
Cause honestly I'm tired of proving everything through words so,
let me break it down a little better in verses, cursive,
It hurts when you're heard but ain't worth it,
So they will write you off
cause they don't see what your word is,
yes, I am a wordsmith, though I'm still developing,
call me ever rising like I'm living off adrenaline.
They high from toking everything.
high from highest highs, flying by, like they're balling,
flying high on the Emirates.

I've given you the world, given you the best of me.
Though it's not apparent cause there's too much going on,
I feel like we're teenagers in need of some attention,
every time I sing, I want you to hear my song.
I want you to sing along, is that much to ask for?
I don't wanna be rich, I just wanna last more
So when I'm long gone,
You can hear my voice,
I could carry on. I could fill the past void.
Of never having hope, having dreams, having goals.
Give you Power Trippin so that you can reach the world.
Everyone's a hero in this life full of hopefuls,
So I am nothing more than anyone you'd ever hope for.
Track Name: Where You Are
Verse One

Girl, let me save your world, I embrace you
Sun to my earth, what it's worth, I won't make you,
Leave what you know.
Infact I wanna be your, smile when you're down,
let me take, take trips to your place,
'cause there's something 'bout your way,
something 'bout your shine, something 'bout your touch,
something bout the day, I met you for the first,
take for what it's worth, will you just, just..
smile for a bit, rhyme I can spit,
sing For A While, for a little while.
Ring for a bit, call for a moment,
Hear your voice at midnight, you're so important.
I wanna focus, thoughts on your eyes,
mind Gemini, I try to defy..
logic, I just wanna be yours for a bit but hol' up,
you gotta tell me..


Where you are, where you are,
where you are, where you are.
Where you are, where you are,
where you are, where you are.

Verse Two

Girl let me be your, dude let me see your,
world let me feel your, touch let me need your,
wants, let me breathe your,
air let me take your, love let me get you high, high,
Hi, I missed you. Like to hear your voice,
talk about our plans, or can make a random choice,
Spur of the moment, you're so important,
So I wanna be your soul, sole,
reason to get to through the day, hate your work refuse to stay,
see me when you leave your way, meet me, say you'll always stay,
by me 'cause you love the way I make you feel, I'm glad you say,
that and I can feel you here, love me every kinda way.
We just chill, really chill, for sure..
I love the way you do it, that 4/4.
I can see you ride that, fall to the floor.
You and me and much, and much, and much more.

Chorus (x2)


Chorus ('til end)
Track Name: She Needs Me (Live with DJ Kayper)

They say the world is a canvas so paint this.
Something real, something fresh, nothing basic.
But most fools only run with a trend,
so they rock chinos and play The Weeknd?
You got YOLO on your chest, what the hell dude..
You don't live just once, you're Hindu.
And yes I really think I'm moving too quick,
'cause they think I'm 29 but I'm really still a kid.
How you feel, how you feel, what is this?
21 sitting on about 20 quid.
But I think, should I sing, should I spit, should I write?
I should, probably do something that pays.. right?
Eff it, who am I to object?
Got a nice little grind with a roof on my head,
having a nice little time with Kayper on the decks.
and I'm spitting these lines let the beat interject like..

Run with a little dum dum diddy when the road gets cut let that run be Heavy.. D,
ATCQ rock steady when I rock some lines, no figure, just ready, ah..
No dealer with a rhythm like this only measure of belief comes ready from the hits, and steady through..

From the '70s, Hip Hop had a message,
Civil Right Movement activists spread it.
A new way to let yourself go and speak about opression,
everyone'd know.
Move through the ages and we really see.
How the world is becoming to be so,
little, so young and naïve.
My own generation don't see the way it used to be.
You can't master your craft without studying.
You can't be an MC by hurrying.
And put a freestyle online on your YouTube,
that wasn't a freestyle, learn what you do fool.
Nah, this aint a freestyle either, I don't do that, I amm more of a speaker.
I like breaking things down for the audience.
In case you didn't notice how I like to change my voice and..

Yo! This guy doesn't freestyle fam!
How can we listen to this idiot, man?
This guy's tryna be a black man too..

This guys got a better work ethic than you, I..
never bothered listening to all the cynics 'cause,
everyone's a rapper and, everyone's a critic.
And everyone's a DJ, everyone has lyrics,
And everyone's saying they're the best. I hear it.
Stake claim to the thrown that was never there,
of course they're sick now.. I was never there.
But now I run with this smile that I feel will penetrate the world and,
show 'em I'm about to dare.
Try take the city by storm, then the nation.
No hype, just anticipation.
No fight, no segregation. But that is BS, as long as we're hating..
There will be wars. We will fight. Yeah, we will strive. Yes, we will die.
So why live so quiet and peaceful?
Eff the haters, they're not equal.
We got a world to believe we can change.
16BARS and I am CALM for days.
I live my lifestyle, tryna be that bad but nice guy, I..
Wanna be all that I can I might. Leave this room and try and jack this mic..
Track Name: A Sinfully Retrospective Interlude
So sinfully retrospective, the recollection of lost thoughts.
The misplacement of memories, left in the shadows.
A sudden nostalgia of course, fading out your existence
in order to be appreciated solely. Myself.

So sinfully jealous, the past memories can be.
They always linger, even when seemingly invisible.
Wanting to move on, though we’re held by strong forces,
waiting to be acknowledged before they can let go.

We stopped living to start things; we’re in love with the past.
Old trends become new; new trends don’t last.
New ways to make art are canvases already painted upon,
We innovate, no, we re-create. Mending already-broken hearts. (Everything's recycled).

Living for the moment goes against the grain, doesn’t it?
We’re too shy, too afraid, too badly focused on wanting to be “normal”.
Though, normality in itself is crazy,
because why would you want to be like them?

Unique: just like everybody else.
Track Name: Waiting/Floating

That, that, yeah.
Suhnraw, RKZ.. yo.


Float this into your system,
trust me to believe you're a victim.
Insist in this, inter-dependence,
enter dimensions, so transcendent.
That we rush to the ongoing feeling,
of a dream, translucent being.
Believing, you're feening,
something so surreal that you're needing.
That form of assurance and all us,
spectate 'cause you're life, we're in awe of.
Your aura, so pure I, wanna be your air, I'm in all of..
your system, float to your heart.
Out your mouth, when your eyes go dark.
Trust me to escape from the one place I feel safe,
'cause I need to dictate.
What you do, what I feel, what I need,
what you want, who you are, why I'm late.
But I'm always there, one way or another.
Back then I was stuck in a different mind,
tryna win new friends every other time,
and every other night, I would spend tryna find someone like you,
and every other type.
It just wasn't right, they could never do.
Anything to even try compare to you.
Anything to even try compare to you.
Anything to even try compare to you.

Chorus (x2)

Now tell me girl, what you waiting for?
This could be my time with you,
what you waiting for?
I'm running off of you, you, you, you.
Track Name: Jhené's Song
Intro (Jhené Aiko)

Out of place, out of space and time,
wide awake, out of papers, I am..

Verse One (RKZ)

What do you, really take me for?
Do you see this and hate me more?
Can I be, what I used to be to you?
Can I be, something out of here?
Out of us, where I can see you clear,
'cause you ain't me, and I'm not you now..
But I'm wondering if this is just me,
trying to believe I had you.
You were still right here but now,
it's like you're someone else, oh.
I'm wondering, do you still, think I'm yours,
or even could be, yeah..
Could I be? Should I be.. much more


(Jhené Aiko)
And we go, and I hope,
that we don't overdose, 'cause we don't,
no we don't, ever know, when we have had enough
I do not feel the fear of falling, I wanna fly.
If that don't go well, then I will..
..but what if it don't? I'll be right where I was before.

Verse Two (RKZ)

This was never meant to be easy,
everything we did, I'd never make it so you'd need me,
trying to convince you, you could be whatever.
And you would always cry, I say I'd help you - never.
Make it so I'm bad, tryna be anything but,
and now I made you stronger.. so what?
Everything you loved and wanted here to stay,
now I'm tryna look at you in a different way.
And now I'm tryna look at you like I don't even,
even wanna be another, dude that's gone and fucked you up,
and made you feel like you don't even,
need to be right here and I just wanna make you happy,
through the pain and the shame and the fame,
and it's all fucked up.. somewhere

Track Name: Gemineye's Mind
Verse One

This is life that I'm living well,
thinkin' twice 'fore we show and tell.
I'm honestly amazed at how the world turns,
'cause the world has got so much to learn.
You see the stars are there to give us life,
we look up at night, can barely see the light.
So I look down, around, try find you.
But I can't so I guess we're inclined to..
Search the world for the right path,
decipher the cynics, right for the minute,
into the moment, controlling your own control,
evoking your inner spirit, we hear it.
Need to deliver, I fear it because I'm quicker.
But glimmers of hope are gone before I'd consider, us.
And though we're bound to,
tear down the skies to find the, meaning of life and love,
I'm still divine to, be inside you.


I'll bring you here, then take your world,
and blow that shit apart,
so you're mine girl, you're my girl.
You're mine girl, you're my girl.

Verse Two

I'm still here despite these parasites,
they can't touch you like I,
my mind's right, your mind's mind,
I'll swallow that fucking whole, in one go.
You're promising me your soul.
My mind's eye demands my mind's time but lately,
I feel like I'm a fucking walking demise,
'cause I spend the whole day dreamin',
while bitches spend the whole day schemin'.
And then, they question my entire fucking plight,
why focus on my entire fucking life?
Get your own, I spend mine tryna fuck the world to find her,
she gets so fucking jealous when I try to unwind her,
ain't like I wine and dine her,
most of the time the world fucks me,
She's the bitch. Fuck her, then fuck me.

Chorus (x2)

Verse Three

And every time I'm here, I see you there.
And your eyes see me, you feel,
you think, you really think that you like me.
But you don't know if the world would allow this,
I'm not good for your ego - about this.
If you wanna be the girl you wanna be,
or fuck with dickheads, and never get around to seeing me,
the good (bad) guy.

I'll bring you here, and take your..
and blow that shit apart,
so you're my, you're my girl,
you are..
Track Name: Zoned
Verse One

It's not right that we're talking, I shouldve kept you away.
But you're here, still. Guess that I'll stay.
And I guess that I'll keep them at bay,
you don't really know where your mind is, say.
I'm giving you everything you would need,
but you'don't really care, you just wanna be free.
And you want a bit of me.
Want a little time to do everything you need,
but everything you want isn't everything you breathe.
Be Free.
You don't see, what I do is killing me slow,
and the good die young, so there's time to go.
I don't give a uh, ef another night.
You could get it right, see another climax, keep it feeling tight.
Keep it feeling good, eff out ya face but, you don't really mind.
'Cause you're here with me, I just want a bit of you,
what's it gonna be?
I don't give a uh, you're here for the taking.
Breaking hearts ain't right, replacing.
It, with a little bit of something confusing, but you're moving..
and motion is soulfully enducing the darkness to leave.
Keep the darkness believe.


Verse Two

I see you talking 'bout, all the things you know.
I don't give a damn, about it.
But I know that changed, 'bout you.

Type, when I'm into your mind,
into your heart, do you feel my rhyming?
Do you feel my mind double-timing?
Run your soul down, soulful crimes.
Crimson my love flows, into your lost soul.


Drake Verse
Track Name: All Through The Night feat. Sian Thomas
Verse One (RKZ)

Did he wait for you? Did he do that patiently?
Did he spend every second when you left him,
tryna make sure you got home safely?
Did he ask how your day went? Did he say hi to your girlfriends?
Did he sympathise that your day was hard and smiled,
'cause you hate your boss? And you didn't get why?
'Til he said that you're cute when you're worked up?
When your nose scrunches,
nuances you stress when you evoke.
And you know that the day wasn't all bad,
you exaggerate and you know that he knows that.
So he gave you a look, to say that he's glad you're with him.
Even if you're just ranting and thinking.
How you wanna little break from your life.
I bet he didn't do that, right? I bet he didn't do that (right).
When you know every minute we're apart,
you're with him and it breaks my heart.
Just a little bit, 'cause I figure if,
if I make you realise, you would wanna figure this,
thing, that you got with this dude isn't doing you good.
You want me just a little bit, and I hope that's understood.
That I'm here when you want me, and I'll be here when you need me.
But right now I won't get in your way, I just hope you realise one day,
I'll be..


Lovin' you all through the night.
Lovin' you all through the night.
Lovin' you all through the night.
Lovin' you all through the night.

Verse Two (Sian Thomas)

Hello, I guess it's quite nice to know that,
you got this thing for me, and quite comfortably,
you ain't afraid to show that.
Yeah, I like this feeling, knowing it's me you're feeling,
but I don't wanna hurt his feelings,
so I guess it's you that's needing to hold back.
Speaking like this is tempting, yeah you know that.
It's why you do it, you think you're the one,
and you just want to prove it.
But I'm already his, he's already mine,
so that means one thing, I guess I'll see you next lifetime,
like Badu.
It's not ideal, but it will do.
And I will think about you, this is true,
but keep that thought between me and you..


(RKZ) But I, I can't get you off my mind girl.
(Sian) But you're gonna have to try.
(RKZ) You will probably never find a guy like me, I thought I'd let you know.

Chorus ('til end)
Track Name: A Red Letter Interlude

If you were mine again, spend some time again,
I would do what, you would tell me.
If you took my heart again, would you fight me still?
'Cause you never, tell me what you need and I,
tell you what to do, and you,
hate me 'cause I pressure you, always, always, always.

I'm finding it hard, to tell you apart,
from these old ghosts, tryna break my heart.
I'm find it hard, to tell you apart,
from these old ghosts, tryna break my heart, but..

If you would be mine again, would you try and find the time,
always, always, always, yeah.