Defeat Me featuring Raxstar & Menis

by RKZ

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Yeah, ADP on the beat.
You already know what it is man,
RKZ on the mic.
Raxstar, Menis.
And it goes like..

(Verse One - RKZ)

Find the words you couldn't say and you'll recite me,
if you're blinded by the lights then you're like me.
If you're scared, you ain't anything besides weak,
I don't have time to waste, set my mind free.
Set the truth on the liars only to watch them perish,
I can earn the mantle, they could only inherit.
I guess it's easy for these guys that are big,
with their big bank balance and their talent's limited.
I'm honest, never respond to internet comments that,
have no relevance for me to acknowledge.
Accomplished, so much more than most but,
I don't ever brag, I'm earning rights to boast.
And I'm humble, but am I really humble if I'm telling you?
You can scrutinise, there's no way that you're getting through.
Positivity, with no tolerance,
So when the critics come, I'll be nice but no promises.

(Chorus - RKZ)

I know, if I don't go,
and I don't win, I can still grow.
So you can hate me, try to pretend,
I ain't killing this, and this is my end but,
You can't beat me,
You can try though,
You can't Defeat Me,
I'd like to see you try though.

(Verse Two - Raxstar)

I ain't reached the peak,
and I ain't questioning the stretch that I've got in front of me,
And I ain't hedging any bets, I'ma be who I'ma be,
You see me on your tele sets,
and the king is looking for his queen,
not just any sket.
Cross out the minus, turn the positive from negative.
If you've been sleeping on me need to put away the sedatives.
Calling me your brother, need to learn some etiquette,
you don't know my real name, how could we be relatives?
Ten years I've been killing it, homicide.
Back in school a lot of guys tried to prophicise,
never had a big mouth, I just had some big plans,
they say you have a bigger heart when you're a little man.
It's your shot take it, don't let the trigger jam,
I stand alone like the lead singer in a band.
I'm forever like the fields strawberries grow,
so tell me something I don't already know.


(Verse Three - Menis)

So they want a piece of man, tryna make this geezer mad,
check the delivery, call me the pizza man.
I don't give really give a damn, if you're not feeling me,
I'm doing something different,
I'm not going where the scene will be.
I'm not taking the easy route, nah,
It's not about that.
You think you can bring me down,
nah, I highly doubt that.
You can try diss but I'm gonna announce,
I'm like punching a fat person in the tummy,
it'll bounce back.
Because my mind's strong, but my heart's weak,
Not because I'm sad,
I found out I was in love with her last week,
So ladies have your last peep.
Because it's time to grow up,
Be a man, let's get moving - fast feet.
No time acting nasty, scanning girls past me,
I ain't got the time, so one thing lastly:
I love my life deeply.
Only God can beat me.
You can try your best,
but your never gonna Defeat Me..



released September 13, 2010
Vocals by RKZ, Raxstar, Menis; Written & Composed by R. Chauhan, A. Patel; Produced by ADP



all rights reserved



RKZ is a singer-songwriter, rapper and spoken word artist from Luton, England.

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