How Are You?

by RKZ

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We're speaking the truth, but we're only as true as our beliefs are.
So, in all honesty - if we're gonna go around, and make music for the masses that no-one really believes in,
You've gotta essentially ask yourself what you're really trying to do.
I mean, people can say whatever they want to about us, about me, about you, but at the end of the day/
All I'm about is positivity: being neutral, content, regardless..
Yeah, RKZ on the mic!

(Verse One)

Listen, I'm,
tired of always being one that they run to,
when they ask me questions, like what would I do?
And I don't even know, half the time I'm gone so,
I could never tell you 'bout all the things that I've done.
Live on another planet, don't speak the same language:
I can rap a bit, sing too, I'm sure that I'll manage.
But honestly, where would I be without you?
Supposed to be the best thing, I doubt that's true.

What could I ever do?
What could I ever say?
What could I ever write?
What could I ever make?
Let's stay intelligent, Intelligently Irrelevant.

(Chorus x 2)

I said 'Hi, how are you?'
'I'm fine, you?'
'Yeah, me too.'

(Verse Two)

I've written this song in ten minutes,
I coulda spent more time on things but chivalry's ended.
But I love the fact that I and I can bring it back,
and every now and then I love how you react and,
act like you're the Queen and, I don't ever make you,
smile out your skin, you keep saying that 'I hate you'.
I love you, too, so I guess we're okay,
and my love for you will never die when yours goes away.
Simple things in life make for the biggest mistakes and,
the places and the times, they cause the biggest debates,
but that's cool.
Everything I do, I do for you,
including all the things that you don't want me to do..

(Chorus x 2)

(Verse Three / Bridge)

I make a lot of noise, still I know they understand me.
My acting won't win, but that mean I ain't on no Grammy,
don't aim to be me, I ain't in your time zone,
I'm updated like Blackberry to iPhone 4,
the win, but I've never really rated that.
Sticking to the truth, not ever are we debating that.
I ain't the greatest, but I'm better than them,
hardly cultured but I'm betting that they're betting me to win so..
Bet you to sin, uh, and try and cheat me,
you couldn't shut me up even if you bleeped me.
I'm f*cking brilliant, always call me a bragger,
I'd rather be a bit cocky than be a backstabber, ah!



released December 20, 2010



all rights reserved



RKZ is a singer-songwriter, rapper and spoken word artist from Luton, England.

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