by RKZ

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Notes, taken from the new album Somewhere In The Afterbeat.


(Verse One)

I write the verse in my mind
Struggle with lines so I write them in rhyme
Used to make notes 'til my hand, couldn't move
Now I just type all my thoughts all the time
Like I'm writing my life in these notes on my phone
Like I'm leaving my life in these notes on your soul
What'd I say?
You tell me I forgot
I guess I write songs 'cause my mind don't stop
This way I keep all my thoughts written down
The thought of forgetting my life isn't strong
Listen to me. That's what I need
Everything that I say is skin deep
Deep skinned soul that I rhyme slow
Need that time to define soul
Searching for days like I'm lost in a maze
In a way I kinda like that I write low
I guess I never strayed out my timezone
I guess I believe I'm a psycho
I guess I believe in myself to a point that I swear
I don't need where your mind goes
I write these notes, you're a typo
I'll just delete then I'll write so
So much more than you think I achieved
I believe I'm a king, this is my show


Can I be true for you
Do what I do, do what I do for you?
I can see through your soul
I can see through your soul

(Verse Two)

I keep it simple, 100
One of a kind, you're a flicker of dust
Notes in the sky, you're a thought in my mind
But you won't make it out of the night flow
I got the plug, keep the lights on
You are not wavy, you're hype bro
You're a fad, and you're passing
I keep it simple, you're asking
Harder to fight when you're fasting
Harder to trust what you take to be God
When the whole world around you ain't lasting
That's a line I don't mind if you quote
I share my story outside of this boat
I will fly over the world with a pen
Surrounded by heroes that guide me with hope
Surrounded by minds that inspire to be
Something much more than the goals they achieved
Something much more than a moment of glory
I guess I'll keep writing and fighting my story


Everything, everything we talk about
Redefines, all their time and yours and mine
Maybe we, didn't really think about the every day
And every single thing (we wanted to be)

(Hook x 2)


released April 2, 2017
Written and Performed by RKZ, Produced by Handbook.



all rights reserved



RKZ is a singer-songwriter, rapper and spoken word artist from Luton, England.

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