CoverSessions (2011 Series)

by RKZ & Chris Guthrie

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released December 25, 2011

We do not own copyright to any of these songs. They are performed in appreciation of the original material, and are available for free download.

Performed by RKZ
Guitar by Chris Guthrie
Piano by Maestro



all rights reserved



RKZ is a singer-songwriter, rapper and spoken word artist from Luton, England.

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Track Name: Don't Go (Wretch 32)
(Verse One)

I don't know what I did,
But everything I said, must've hit your heart
Blinded from the start I guess our exit signs were clear but instead of going to em we were nowhere near
Never fear, I was here, you were here, with me.
We never disappear thought we wanted, I fear,
If you leave me I might not be,
Everything you loved in a man, you always loved me,
I never loved me, you made me realise that I really could be something that you would wanna see.
Meet me at my place and I would sneak you inside,
Coz we were no way near ready for the world to know we,
We still aren't, though I joke and say we are,
And I feel like were together even though we're far apart,
I guess I love your presence, so it echos in my memory, and ever means forever that I'll keep you here eternally.

(Verse Two)

She spent so many months away that I was trying to believe that I could see another day.
Initially I took as a positive to know that she was busy and I missed terribly in every way
I still do, and i'm scared to lose the novelty,
I wish that I could see her and show that to her properly
And honestly I never thought that I could put in words how I felt about her but I needed that music.
Needed this song, I thank Wretch 32 and Josh Kumra for talking to you.
And singing this song that they all sing along to, you never do but it's cool coz I got you.
The future always looked bright should we make it,
And even if we don't, you're still mine and I'll state it.
You are all I need and I believe that we could be, if we believe that we're in charge of our fate so let's see..