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released August 10, 2013



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RKZ is a singer-songwriter, rapper and spoken word artist from Luton, England.

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Track Name: Find You
(Verse One)

When I, I found you there,
time froze, and I know I'd, fallen for you.
You then, disappeared out of sight.
Since then, my world's disappeared too.

Come to me, come to me, wherever you are,
come to me, come to me, I'm never too far (x2)

Baby you and I can go beyond the world,
if I can find you here.
We can be anywhere you'd like to go,
just let me know so I can,

(Chorus - x4)
Find You here, you're a mystery

(Verse Two)
If it was meant to be, then I would find you,
if you were Sent To Me, would you like to,
be with me? Baby, just ahead of time,
we can stop life.
And it's strange 'cause, I don't know you,
but if you trust me, maybe I can show you,
every little thing you never thought you could do,
you and I can be cool, only if you, only if you,

come to me, come to me, wherever you are,
come to me, come to me, I'm never too far (x2)


(Chorus - x4)

Come to me, wherever you are, I'm never too far.
Trust me, let's go.
Now let it ride out..
Track Name: Sent To Me
(Verse One)

Now in this darkness, I can barely see her.
I can barely see her face now,
say she'd rather do it face down.
Inside she needs me, in between her space now,
there's no hidden place now,
gripping her from the waist down.


Whisper to me, though there's nothing left to say.
Kiss me hard so I can hear you scream my name,
you look amazing wrapped around my waist,
amazing I would say,
I can make you feel amazing and I will, but just in case..


Bite your tongue to cease the sound,
underneath me, wrap around,
push me down right into you,
there's nothing left for you to do.
Bite your tongue to break me down,
stay on top and ride it now,
push you down, it's meant to be,
felt like you were Sent To Me, Sent To Me.

(Verse Two)

In this darkness, I can only see her,
I can only see her face now,
she's sitting right on top of me now.
Inside she feels me,
in between us, there's no space now.
She feels like herself now,
pressed against me from her waist, down.


(Chorus - x2)
Track Name: Jet Sets & Ray Bans
(Verse One)

Run and tell me 'bout wherever you are,
you see the street lights, sunshine, girl you're a star,
can you, bring me back a souvenir or some kind,
of memory Jet Set, a couple of times.
Within a couple of weeks, you down a couple of pints,
but I'm an Old Fashioned dude, I ain't frontin' on you,
I just don't drink beer unless Corona's on the menu.


I sit with you for a minute or two,
get a text, get a call saying you've gotta move,
you gotta shoot, it's for a cover for some magazine your sister reads,
you aren't too fussed but you're probably making history.

(Chorus - x2)

She's fucking perfect, for me she's flawless,
She don't care what I do, she just wants to ride too.

(Verse Two)

Brick Lane, we meet up at a bar,
I walk from the underground, she pulls up in her car.
She has her Ray Bans on, all black leather,
studs on the shoulders, whatever the weather.
Now this is something special when she's here,
where do I begin? I look back up and she's gone like the wind,
I look back up and she's gone like the wind.


(Chorus - x2)

(Verse Three)

She's so unconventional, doesn't even know that she's flawless.
Every time I'm with her, heads turn, she don't notice.
She has her shades on, flying through the stores,
shopping bags and coffee cups, while I hold the doors.
Her stride alone can send me on a roller-coaster ride,
caught me being indescreet, from the corner of her eye.
I don't even care, I'll make it, make it so she knows,
she blows me a kiss and walks away and there she goes.

(Chorus - x2)

She wants to rock with it!
Track Name: Persistence feat. Shawn Sanderson
(Verse One - RKZ)

I call this Persistence, like I'm at my life's end,
call this determination, never need that life again,
now I know I, dealt with the hardships,
you don't know the half of it,
never aired my life outside man, I always looked after it.
Kept it all beneath like I was buried in a coffin,
now this world it ain't your life,
it's just a world that you get lost in.
People only tell you what they think you need to hear,
but you don't live for them, live for yourself,
they'll disappear and it goes..

(Pre - Shawn/RKZ)

Well you know I follow my heart since day,
and I ain't ever gonna change,
they say nothing gold can stay, but we're still here.

(Chorus - RKZ/Shawn)

You know I've been walking alone for too long,
searching for something, I've been feeling so strong,
I scream, I know, I'm almost there now,
I won't give up on you.

(Break - Shawn)

I won't give up, I won't give up, no
I won't give up, I won't give up, no
I won't give up, I won't give up..

(Verse Two - RKZ)

I call this Persistence, never need to fight again,
made it to the end like I was born to see the light again,
had it Soul-defined again, rhyme so I could find myself,
then I went and did it, now we're sitting sharing endless gems,
how life is incredible, just gotta let it breathe though..
three or four times I discovered we are equal,
not you and I, I mean us and the universe.
We are all the same, we just need to let that be so..

(Pre - RKZ/Shawn)

We try, we try to define ourselves but,
we don't excel ourselves until we're back,
against the wall. And I know,
we're Universal Minds.

(Chorus - RKZ/Shawn)